One Room Away: A Student's Story

Freshman Molly Donohue used to really love living in her dorm on the Virginia Tech campus.

"Oh, yeah," Donohue told CBS News correspondent Thalia Assuras.

She lived in West Ambler Johnston dorm room 4038 when she was startled awake about 7:00 Monday morning.

"I heard a really loud shriek from a female voice," she said. "I opened my door and that's when I saw the sneaker prints in blood."

Molly lived next door to the first victim of the massacre, Emily Hilscher, and two doors down from RA Ryan Clark, the second victim.

Donohue tried to get into Hilscher's room but the door would barely budge.

She believes that Hilscher was a random choice by the gunman.

"I really do," she said. "I really do. Because it's proven that this guy like really was not in the right state of mind. He killed professors. He killed one of my friends. Like he didn't just kill my RA and my hallmate, he killed my friends."

Click here for an interactive gallery of the victims.

Donahue says she finds comfort in her faith, her friends and a campus bonding stronger than ever.

"I've seen this campus transformed," she said.

Has it all sunk in yet for her?

"Just when I think it has, I find a new emotion I've never felt before," she said. "And I get nervous or I get scared, but it usually doesn't last too long. And I feel like, at least when I'm with people and when I'm with my friends who go here I feel at peace and really calm."