"One Hitter": Alec Baldwin punches John Krasinski in the face

(CBS) - We try to shy away from commercials here at The Feed. It's not that we don't approve of corporate viral videos, but shouldn't we get paid for promoting another company? A free fitted cap, maybe? Anyway, this New Era commercial with Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski is hilarious. Do watch.

So, yeah, Alec Baldwin punching John Krasinski in the face. This one will be on repeat all day. No matter where you fall on the Yankees-Red Sox divide, we can all agree that these commercials are probably the best thing about baseball season so far. Bonus Humor: press "1" to watch Krasinki get cracked in his smug/beautiful face over and over.

Full disclosure: This blogger did not receive a free ball cap for posting this commercial. But I would totally take one.