On TV: Latest In Suncreens, Blocks

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From June:

June 30, 2006


If you plan to be outdoors this holiday weekend, or anytime, it's important to protect your skin, to help ward off skin cancer, for starters.

There are many products to choose from, including some new sunscreens.

Dr. Amy Lewis, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University, stopped by The Early Show Friday with an array of useful information.

She addressed why you need to be mindful of exposing your skin to the sun's rays, descrbribed the difference between suncreens and sun blocks, gave pointers on how to use them, and went through some of the new suncreens, which are either easier to apply or have more sun protection due to a new formula.

To watch the segment, click here.

For much more on the sun and your skin, click here to go to the Web site of the American Academy of Dematology; click here to go to a Society page loaded with information about skin cancer and sun protection, and here to get to a Society pamphlet on sunscreens.

June 20, 2006

Summer Parenting Issues

Parents face lots of issues during the summer, when many kids have al kinds of time on their hands. For instance, should your teenager get a summer job? Or, how old should a child be before you leave him or her home alone?

During The Early Show's "In the Family Circle" segment on Tuesday, an expert addressed many such tricky situations.

Rosalind Wiseman, who writes the "Ask the Parenting Expert" column for Family Circle magazine, spoke with co-anchor Harry Smith about them.

To watch the segment, click here.

For more parenting advice from Wiseman, click here.

June 19, 2006


Ever heard of a "babymoon?"

It's a second honeymoon of sorts, for expectant parents seeking that one last hurrah before baby arrives and things get hectic!

On The Early Show Monday, travel journalist Valarie D'Elia shared some great ideas on babymoon packages.

Babymoons are growing in popularity. Many hotels and resorts are catching onto the trend, and offering an array of pre-natal packages, complete with cute names and gifts for the baby! There are also several Web sites devoted to helping couples book the perfect babymoon.

To watch the segment, click here.

To go to D'Elia's Web site, Travel with Val, click here.

Other sites with babymoon info include Liberty Travel's "BabyCenter" and Babymoonfinder.com.

June 12, 2006


There's no question that sports can be great for kids in many respects. But sometimes, parents push their children too hard to succeed on the playing field. All of that pressure can not only backfire, it can turn your kids off to sports for life.

On The Early Show, clinical psychologist Robin Goodman had some do's and don'ts for "sports parents." To watch the segment, click here.

For more along those lines, check out the Web site of the National Alliance for Youth Sports by clicking here.


Kelsie, 11, is raising money to replace libary books lost to Hurricane Katrina. She spoke with Dave Price on The Early Show. To watch the chat, click here. To help Kelsie's fundraising efforts, click here.