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On Tape: Rage over McNuggets Not Being Served

Call it a case of McNuggets Rage.

Police in Toledo, Ohio have just released surveillance video of an incident from New Year's Day.

They say it shows 25-year-old Melodi Dushane driving up to a McDonald's drive-through window with a neighbor at about 6:30 in the morning, and objecting strongly when told she couldn't get Chicken McNuggets at that hour, because the eatery had started serving breakfast at 2:30.

She is seen getting out of the car and hitting the drive-through employee in the mouth.

At that point, the manager comes over, Dushane swings a few more times, and the manager tries to pull her up through the window by her hair.

Other employees prompt the manager to let her go.

They close the window as Dushane tries to push it open - but she then breaks it with an object she takes out of her car.

The passenger's mother says it was the employees who allowed it all to escalate.

Police later charged Dushane with vandalism.