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On "Survivor: Redemption Island," it's brawn over brains

Matt has shown strength at challenges but the social aspect of the game seems to elude him. CBS

(CBS) Matt is back in the game after making a clean sweep of six one-on-one "duels" on "Survivor: Redemption Island. (SPOILER ALERT)

Pictures:"Survivor Redemption Island

But not for long. At the end of the hour, Matt is the first voted out of the newly merged tribe and is sent back to Redemption Island. He has no one to blame but himself.

Still smarting over his ouster in the first episode by the former Ometepe tribe, he considers flipping to lend his vote - and Andrea's, too - to the outnumbered Zapateras. Then, he tells Rob all about it.

How can he be surprised that he was ousted yet again? It is clear that while Matt has mastered the physical part of the game, the mental and social aspects still elude him. "What the hell, guys?" he mutters as he heads back to Redemption Island.

The episode was not without its charms, however. Rob was absolutely hilarious as he persuaded his fellow contestants to name the merged tribe "Merlonio" which he insists is Spanish for "from the sea, united."

Fitting for a week of baseball opening days, the name alludes to Sweet Lou Merloni, who played for Rob's beloved Boston Red Sox a decade or two ago. It's also the name, he later divulges, of one of Amber's favorite stuffed animals.

There also were a few more off-the wall speeches by the former federal agent Philip and a misstep with the hidden immunity idol by Ralph, all making for good TV.

Will Matt continue to dominate on Redemption Island? Will Grant retaliate for all those votes cast against him? Will Philip annoy the Zapateras as much as he annoyed his own tribe?

Take our poll on who will win, tell us in the comments what you think about the game so far and return here next week for more about "Survivor: Redemption Island."

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