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On Leaving "The Early Show"

Being on a network television show is a pretty cool job. You get to cover the news of the day. Meet movie stars. And cook with great chefs. I've anchored a morning show on CBS for seventeen years of the last 23 years. That's a lot of four am wake up calls. Way too many cups of coffee. I have traveled the world because of this job. Anchored broadcasts from Tokyo to Baghdad. I have witnessed the horrors of war and seen the triumph of democracy. Seen humanity at its best and worst. Haiti...Katrina...Oklahoma City...Floods and hurricanes...Booms and busts. Met people whose stories I will never forget. I've ridden buses with unknown candidates in Iowa and followed them all the way to the White House. I'm leaving my job on the "Early Show" soon. But I will always be grateful for having had one of the best seats in the house.

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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