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"Olympus Has Fallen" cast seizes red carpet for Hollywood premiere

The White House and the president are under attack in the new terrorist action thriller "Olympus Has Fallen," which opens in theaters Friday.

Gerard Butler plays a special agent tasked with saving a kidnapped president after a terrorist attack on the White House (also known as code name "Olympus").

Aaron Eckhart co-stars as the fictional commander-in-chief.

"Every kid wants to play the president, but everybody doesn't want to get the crap beat out of them with their hands tied up in a bunker," Eckhart told KCAL-9's Suzanne Marques at the film's premiere in Hollywood, Calif., on Monday.

Morgan Freeman -- who plays the U.S. speaker of the House in the film -- was also in attendance.

"Some films are just knock-down drag-out fun to do. Other films with a more sober theme are fun to do but just only fun because you're working. You've got a're working with other good actors. That was ['Olympus Has Fallen']," Freeman revealed at the premiere.

Catch footage from the "Olympus Has Fallen" Hollywood red carpet in the video above.

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