Oldest skydiver ever is British Army D-Day veteran

British Army World War II veteran Bryson William Verdun Hayes (in yellow), who fought on D-Day, is seen during a tandem skydive at the age of 101 years and 38 days, over Honiton, soutwest England, May 14, 2017.

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LONDON -- A 101-year-old D-Day veteran has become the oldest person in the world to skydive.

Bryson William Verdun Hayes completed a tandem skydive with members of his extended family on Sunday at an airfield in Honiton, southwest England.

Among those jumping were Hayes' son, grandson, great-grandson and great-granddaughter.


Bryson William Verdun Hayes (left) prepares for a skydive at the age of 101 years and 38 days, along with other members of his family, over Honiton, southwest England, May 14, 2017.

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At the age of 101 years, 38 days, Hayes broke the Guinness World Record held by Canada's Armand Gendreau, who jumped in 2013 at 101 years, three days.

Hayes said he had wanted to try skydiving when he was 90, but was talked out it at the time by his late wife. He jumped for the first time last year at 100.

Hayes served in the British Army during World War II, and was awarded France's Legion of Honor for his heroic actions.