Oksana Grigorieva-Mel Gibson Update: She Had Lawsuit Ready to Go, Says Report

Did Oksana Have Lawsuit Ready to Go?
Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson (AP)

NEW YORK (CBS) Hopping on the Oksana Grigorieva-Mel Gibson not-so-merry go round... there's a report that the actor's ex- girlfriend had a civil lawsuit ready to file against him in May, just in case Gibson decided not to cooperate in a custody and financial agreement.

So says TMZ.

According to the gossip site, there was a "two day mediation" in which Grigorieva's former lawyer, Eric George, drafted the lawsuit, which sought unspecified damages, and threatened to file it, accusing Gibson of battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault.

However, George reportedly chose not to file the lawsuit after the parties agreed to a $15 million package for Grigorieva, claimed TMZ. In the end, Grigorieva opted not to sign the "mediation agreement" because she refused to give Gibson unsupervised visitation rights, according to the site.

Grigorieva and Gibson (in case you missed it!) have been involved in a nasty custody dispute over their 8-month-old daughter. The couple separated in April and since their split, restraining orders, domestic violence allegations, "MELtdown" audiotapes, and extortion accusations have followed.

The not-so-merry go round keeps on turning...

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