Okla. man's busy day: Sentenced to prison, married by same judge, then taken away by feds

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A man and a woman...and a prison. Oklahoma man Larry Austin was sentenced to prison on a weapons charged on the same day he got married.
(CBS/AP) OKLAHOMA CITY - First Oklahoma man Larry Austin was sentenced to four years in federal prison on a firearm charge. Then minutes later he got married.

Talk about the old ball and chain.

And did we mention the same judge handed down both "sentences"?

Here's how last Thursday went down for Austin and his longtime girlfriend Dustie Trojack.

They obtained their marriage license...then Austin pleaded guilty to the firearm charge and was sentenced...and then the same Oklahoma County judge, Jerry Bass, presided over the couple's wedding vows.

They kissed (not the judge) - and then federal authorities whisked Austin away to prison.

Austin's attorney, Scott M. Anderson, tells The Oklahoman that Austin helped raise Trojack's two sons and he didn't want to lose contact with them while he was serving time.