Okla. girl, 12, shot home intruder while hiding in closet, police say

(CBS) CALERA, Okla. - An accused intruder appeared in court Friday after a 12-year-old Oklahoma girl who was home alone hid in a closet and shot him to defend herself, CBS affiliate KXII reports.

Stacey Jones, 32, was released from a Plano, Texas hospital Thursday and was arraigned in a Durant, Okla. court Friday afternoon. He is currently held on $250,000 bond.

Investigators said Jones entered the Calera home on Wednesday, where Kendra St. Clair was home alone.

"He opened the screen door and started pounding on the door," she told KXII. "So, I didn't answer it. And I called my mom. She said to go get the gun and hide in the closet."

She stayed in the closet until she thought the coast was clear, and then went to check the back door.

"And he was standing there trying to open it," she said. "So, I got really scared and I called 911."

She went back into the closet, where she heard Jones in the house. Investigators said Kendra shot him in the back when Jones started to open the closet door.

"When I saw the door handle turn, I shot him," Kendra said. "I guess it went through the door, went through him, and went through the wall."

Kendra thanked her mom for teaching her how to keep her calm and protect herself. Kendra said it was the first time she'd ever fired a gun.

Jones is charged with a felony first-degree burglary charge. If found guilty, he could face up to 20 years in prison, officials said.