OJ, DNA put squeeze on Ore. burglary suspects

The labor department cites a rise in jobless claims reports, the discovery of fungicide in orange juice has forced the FDA to stop shipments from foreign countries, and Ford is recalling nearly half a million minivans and SUVs. Ashley Morrison reports.
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(CBS/AP) MEDFORD, Ore. - Authorities in southwest Oregon say two burglars took electronics, jewelry, collectible coins and bulk metal ingots, in a break-in last fall.

They also took a carton of orange juice from the refrigerator, shared it and left the carton on the garage floor.


The Jackson County sheriff's office says the state police crime lab was able to get DNA evidence from the OJ carton, and it matched two suspects in an FBI database.

The loot from the Eagle Point burglary included $10,000 in silver and coins in a safe. Sheriff's spokeswoman Andrea Carlson says none of it has been recovered.

Additional charges have been filed against one of the two suspects, a 33-year-old man who was jailed in an unrelated break-in. The sheriff's office said Wednesday it's still investigating the other suspect.