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Ohio's 'Lucky 13' Win $295M

John and Sandy Jarrell are in a group known as the lucky 13, who they say just won $295 million in the largest lottery jackpot in history, CBS News Correspondent Frank Currier reports.

"I still don't believe it. I'm shocked," said Sandy.

"You go from being totally excited to being scared to death. We talked to an attorney this morning and he put all this stuff out there. I get really nervous and scared," said John.

Wth their $12.5 million share of the loot, the Jarrells hope to share their winnings with family and relatives.

"We're ready to go shoppin' and get on with a normal life if people leave us alone," said John.

Matching all six numbers in Wednesday night's drawing, the winning ticket was purchased at a Richmond, Indiana gas station near the Ohio state line.

Most of the winners want to be anonymous. All of them work at a machine shop in suburban Columbus. As a group, they've played the lottery for six years. Each kicking in $10. Now, each must decide if they'll keep their jobs.

"We hope we don't lose them, they're valued employees, hard to replace. Nine of them have said they want to stay," said Barbara Palmer of Automated Tool Systems.

Up and down the block, the Jarrell's neighbors are both stunned and proud.

"I'm just excited for them, just being next door is something to be excited about," said one neighbor.

"It's a brush with greatness for me, a neighbor down the street," said another.

The jackpot was worth $295.7 million in payments over 25 years, but the winners took the cash option, one payment of about $161.5 million, Indiana lottery officials said. The lucky 13 intend to split the money evenly, for $12.42 million per person before taxes.