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Ohio woman gives birth in car after traffic stop

A woman who was on her way to the hospital gave birth in a car after police pulled over the vehicle for speeding.

According to CBS affiliate WBNS in Columbus, Ohio, Debbie Richmond felt she was going into labor early Tuesday morning. She asked her mother and her husband to drive her to the hospital.

Richmond's mother, Donna Richmond, got in the driver's seat of the maroon Hyundai and took off. That's when she got the attention of an officer.

"I knew I was going fast, I didn't know I was going that fast," Donna Richmond told the station. "She said I was going 90 miles an hour."

Though they were just given a warning, the traffic stop delayed the family long enough that Debbie Richmond gave birth in the front seat.

"I was holding my legs together," Debbie Richmond said. "She just popped right out. No pain medication or nothing."

The father of the child, Randall Altman, was in the back seat witnessing the whole thing and, in his own words, "freaking out."

The mother and daughter, named Sarah, were recovering at a local hospital on Tuesday.

That's not the end of the car-related travails for the family. Altman's parents hit a deer and totaled their car on the way to the hospital to meet the family. They were uninjured in the crash.

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