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Ohio woman arrested for allegedly throwing drug-filled footballs over prison fence

Janine Fulton

(CBS/WBNS) MANSFIELD, Ohio - A former corrections officer was arrested after she reportedly threw two footballs filled with drugs over the fence surrounding the Richland Correctional Institution, reports CBS affiliate WBNS.

Janine A. Fulton, 43, was charged with illegal conveyance of drugs or other prohibited items onto grounds of a detention facility or institution.

Commander Lt. Ken Coontz said Fulton had prescription drugs and marijuana and could be facing more charges, adding that the two inmates in question may also face charges.

"I was surprised at the amount of contraband and drugs that can be put in a football," Commander Lt. Ken Coontz told the Bucycrus Telegraph-Forum.

Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Kemmer, who is also involved in the investigation, told the paper that people tossing drugs over the fence is not uncommon because of how large the perimeter is. Kemmer told the Telegraph that while people frequently attempt to sneak contraband inside prisons, he has never seen a football used before.

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