Ohio police chief says he ate cake laced with pot

Marijuana plants are seen in Chicago where officers say they discovered two football fields worth of pot plants growing on the city's South Side, Oct. 3, 2012. Authorities say about 1,500 cannabis plants were discovered during a routine patrol by a police helicopter. Officers spotted the crop under a canopy of trees about 3 miles from their own hangar. Some were as tall as Christmas Trees. Police said the growers could have earned as much as $10 million.
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LAURELVILLE, Ohio An Ohio police chief says he ate cake left in his kitchen without realizing it was laced with cannabis oil.

Laurelville Chief Mike Berkemeier says he fell ill after eating the cake a couple of weeks ago and couldn't figure out what was wrong. He says he drove a few blocks to the police station, where medics took him for medical testing.

The Logan Daily News reports Berkemeier was hospitalized for more than a day. While there, a phone call with his daughter revealed the cake had been laced with an oil form of the psychoactive chemical component that causes a high from marijuana.

Berkemeier tells WBNS-TV one of his daughter's friends took the cake to his home, about 35 miles southeast of Columbus.

There's no word of criminal charges.