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Officials investigate "suspicious" vehicle near U.S. capitol

WASHINGTON -- A U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman says a bomb squad has investigated a "suspicious" vehicle parked unattended on a street west of the Capitol building and "safely disrupted" some of its contents.

But officials determined nothing hazardous was found in the vehicle, police said.

Sgt. Kimberly A. Schneider told The Associated Press in an email that officers spotted the vehicle Sunday afternoon on a street running between Constitution and Independence Avenues and a bomb squad investigated.

She said an area along 3rd Street between those avenues west of the Capitol was temporarily closed while police secured the vehicle. She declined to elaborate on what exact actions the bomb squad took with the contents or what those contents were.

The owner of the vehicle was located and subsequently arrested for operating the vehicle with a revoked license, CBS News reported. He was being processed at U.S. Capitol Police headquarters Sunday night.

A nearby Memorial Day concert went on without interruption.

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