Officer who leaked Dzhokhar Tsarnaev photos: "I'm doing great"

(CBS News) The Massachusetts State Police sergeant who leaked photos of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been placed on restricted duty for now.

Sean Murphy was disciplined Tuesday after a closed-door hearing. He's prohibited from talking about the case, but he sat down for an interview only featured on "CBS This Morning."

Murphy told CBS News' Elaine Quijano, "I'm doing great."

Even though he's been placed on desk duty pending an investigation, Murphy's spirits remain high. "I've had amazing support from my family," he said. "I have my two great sons behind me who I could not be more proud of."

The 25-year veteran found himself at the center of controversy last week after leaking photos of Tsarnaev at the moment of his capture.

Murphy said he did it to counter this image of Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Leonard Kesten, Murphy's lawyer, told CBS News, "He felt that this had to be done in order to help these people heal and the reaction has been very gratifying to him because that's exactly what's been happening."

Massachusetts State Police Col. Timothy Alben called Murphy a "man of honor," but added his department has its rules. "No one should be making decision unilaterally about what information can be shared and what cannot," he said.

Trooper who leaked Tsarnaev photos placed on desk duty

Some have argued the pictures could negatively impact the case against Tsarnaev, but Murphy's lawyer calls that preposterous. Kesten said, "Sgt. Murphy would never do anything that would damage the prosecution of this terrorist. This man was arrested on live television for God's sake."

Since Murphy's photos emerged, so has support. A Facebook page dedicated to saving his job has received more than 60,000 likes.

Kevin Cullen, a Boston Globe columnist, said, "Apparently, he broke departmental rules. That said, I don't think Sean Murphy will have to buy a drink in this town again."

But his two biggest fans are his teenage sons. 

Connor Murphy told CBS News, "Since I can even remember being able to talk, I've could never been prouder of my Dad. He's been the model citizen that I would always dream of being."

And for those concerned that Murphy might be fired, his boss gave CBS News this hint: Alben said, "I'm the Colonel of the State Police, and I'm going to say to you that that is not a realistic option in this case."

Watch Elaine Quijano's report in the video above.