Office burglar logs onto facebook, gets arrested

A computer forensic examiner looks for evidence on hard drives at the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center in Linthicum, Md., Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011. Hackers and hostile nations are launching increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks against U.S. defense contractors. And the Pentagon is extending a program to help protect its prime suppliers, while serving as a possible model for other government agencies. Pentagon analysts are investigating a growing number of cases involving the mishandling or removal of classified data from military and corporate systems. Defense officials say intrusions into defense networks are now close to 30 percent of the Pentagon's Cyber Crime Center's workload. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
Cliff Owen
(CBS/AP) JACKSON, Miss. - This is one of those stories with a moral: When you're in the middle of robbing a business, don't stop to log onto facebook on the office computer.

Prosecutors say that's what Mississippi man Jason Smith did last summer, and that's why he got caught.

Authorities say Smith was rummaging around a U-Haul truck and rental service in Jackson in the early morning hours, when he took a moment to sign into the social networking site. Then, realizing he probably needed to cover his tracks, police say he came back days later and stole the computer he'd used.

The Carion-Ledger reports that after the apparent break-in, a company official told police a computer had been used and that Smith's facebook page was left on the screen. Five days later came word that the computer in question had disappeared.

Smith is charged with two counts of business burglary.

Prosecutors told a judge Monday that the facebook page is a key piece of evidence.

Smith's attorney, Katie Bradshaw, argued during his hearing that "anyone could have called up his facebook page," on that computer and that there isn't any hard evidence that he broke into the business.

Bond was set at $20,000, and the judge said there was enough evidence to send the case to a grand jury.