Of Mice and Men: 2,000 mice stolen by 2 men, heroin addicts, say Mo. cops

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One mouse - a lot fewer than the 2,000 mice that disappeared when two Missouri men allegedly stole a truck that was transporting the rodents for medical research.
(CBS/AP) ST. LOUIS - A truck transporting 2,000 mice for medical research was stolen from a Missouri motel parking lot in the wee hours Wednesday, by a couple of heroin addicts who police say confessed.

Apparently they didn't know what the cargo was when they targeted the rig and pulled off the 'mice heist.'

Hotel staff told police they saw two men smash the window of the 2008 Freightliner outside a Red Roof Inn and take off toward Interstate 70. The transport company tracked the vehicle with GPS, and police stopped it a short time later in Bridgeton.

CBS St. Louis identified the pair as 30-year-old Dustin Maas of St. Charles and 23-year-old Mathew Haney of O'Fallon.

The truck's driver had left it running to keep the precious cargo cool. The mice, valued at $10,000, were unharmed.

Police said the suspects told investigators they took the truck to help support their heroin addictions.