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Oddsmakers Weigh In on Mel Gibson's Rants, Lindsay Lohans's Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan's 2010 mug shot, left, and Mel Gibson's 2006 one. CBS/AP

NEW YORK (CBS) It hasn't been a good week for Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan. And people are now placing bets on the outcomes of their misfortunes.

Pictures: Lindsay Lohan Surrenders
Pictures: Excerpts from Mel Gibson's Rants

Recordings purported to be of Mel Gibson have been posted on the Internet, filled with expletives, racist remarks and threats against his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. He's also the focus of a domestic violence inquiry involving Grigorieva.

Lohan, on the other hand, surrendered herself to authorities on Tuesday to begin a 90-day jail sentence she received for violating her probation. She likely won't serve the full sentence, but when she gets out she's required to head to three months of court-ordered rehab.

The oddsmakers at, a leading sportsbook, have placed odds on what will happen next to both of Hollywood's latest scandal-makers, with odds pointing to rehab for Gibson and a religious epiphany for Lohan.

The full odds are below:

What's likely to happen next in Mel Gibson battle?
Admit a drug/alcohol and go to rehab: 33% (+200)
His wife will offer to pay $5 million: 18% (+500)
Start to sell off estate: 6% (+1500)

During Lindsay Lohan's jail term, she will:
Announce that she's found God: 18% (+500)
Suffer a nervous breakdown: 13% (+700)
Meet her new girlfriend: 9% (+1000)

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