Odds On Surviving

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Oddsmakers in Las Vegas are betting that Texas cowpoke Colby Donaldson will be the ultimate survivor in the Outback.

They're betting that Colby will win the $1 million grand prize May 3 on CBS' reality based series Survivor: The Australian Outback.

He's the 3-2 favorite at the Stardust hotel-casino and 2-1 favorite at the Bally's and Paris hotel-casinos.

"Colby has won many immunities and he looks like the strongest," said Joe Lupo, manager at the Strip resort's race and sports book.

Their Money On Keith, Tina
Three contestants on the original Survivor show were asked who is going to win in the Outback and two of three chose Tina. Richard Hatch, who won the $1 million prize, and Sean Kenniff, one of the last contestants to be eliminated , gave Tina their vote. Gervase Peterson says the vote will come down to Tina and Keith , and Keith will win.

Colby has won the last three immunity challenges and well as several reward challenges. His alliance with the former Ogakor tribe has proved to be a solid one.

Lupo picks Tennessee nurse Tina Wesson as his second favorite to win, with 2-1 odds. He gives chef Keith Famie 3-1 odds, and shoe designer Elisabeth Filarski 5-1.

John Avello, director of the race and sports books for Bally's and Paris hotel-casinos, also likes Colby's chances, but picks Elisabeth to come in second with 5-2. He, too, sees Keith in third at 7-2, followed by Tiny at 4-1.

The odds are only hypothetical. State law prohibits betting on events where the outcome is known. And even though the audience, and Survivor contestants don't know the outcome, CBS producers do.

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