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Occupy protesters sleep-out on Wall Street

(AP) NEW YORK - Occupy demonstrators have a new tactic: They are sleeping on the sidewalks of Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange.

Spokesman Karanja Gacuca says protesters have been sleeping in front of banks in lower Manhattan for several days. The protesters were evicted from their original encampment last November.

Gacuca says the sleep-out is simply one more tactic activists are employing to highlight the issue of income inequality.

Attorney Gideon Orion Oliver says protesters are protected from arrest by a 2000 court decision that allows sleeping on sidewalks to express political views.

He says the sleep-outs could be limited if authorities determine the conduct is incompatible with the public space.

The Occupy movement came together with an encampment at Zuccotti Park last year, inspiring groups across the country.