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Obama's Opulent Vacation Digs

It won't be a white Christmas for the Obamas, that's for sure.

The future first family is enjoying some R&R in sunny Hawaii where, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy, they're renting a palatial home-away-from-home: a $9 million, five bedroom house fronting a golden stretch of sand in the exclusive Oahu enclave of Kailua.

"It's high-end," concedes the home's owner, David Zimel, who says it's fit for a president.

There's "beautiful stonework throughout, some from Peru, some from Jerusalem, some from Italy," Zimel points out.

Paparazzi on the beach are being watched themselves by the Secret Service, but one fotog did manage to get a shot of the president-elect in his least formal wear: without a shirt.

Neighbors don't seem to mind the roadblock on their street, if it means seeing Mr. Obama.

"I wouldn't call it a big pain at all," says Steve May. "I think it's worth the effort and doesn't take long at all" to get around despite the temproary obstacles.

The Obamas chose the home they did in part because it's at the end of a secluded beach, Tracy observes, unlike the tourist-filled Waikiki beach a half-hour away.

And even though they're on vacation, the Obamas have been hitting the gym each morning at a nearby military base.

On Monday, Mr. Obama posed for pictures with Marines on his way out.

He also teed up 18 holes of golf, but says his game needs work.

The Obamas arrived in Honolulu Saturday, a homecoming of sorts for Mr. Obama, who spent most of his childhood in Hawaii and is treated like a neighbor.

"We respect their privacy," says Lawrence Becker, who lives near the Obama vacation spot, "and just want them to have a good time before he gets into the heat of battle."

It's a battle that begins in just 28 days, Tracy notes.

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