Obama's nickname for David Cameron

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 15: British Prime Minister David Cameron gestures as he talks with U.S. President Barack Obama during a plenary session at the G-20 summit on November 15, 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.

Pool, Getty Images/Rob Griffith

The leaders of the U.S. and Great Britain have often shared a strong personal relationship, even if they're on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and lately British Prime Minister David Cameron may be feeling more comfortable with President Barack Obama than with his European counterparts.

In fact, Cameron told the Daily Mail, when Mr. Obama telephones, he calls him "bro."

In the interview with the Daily Mail, Cameron said of their closeness, "The president has said the special relationship is stronger than it has ever been privately and in public, and I agree."

The Daily Mail prefers "bro" to the "Yo, Blair," overheard on an open mic on former President George W. Bush to former Prime Minister Tony Blair at a Group of Eight summit in 2006. The newspaper characterized Mr. Bush's address to Blair as "patronizing."