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Obama's First Overseas Trip

March 31:

Depart For London

President Obama departed the White House in the morning en route to London. He arrived in the evening for his first overseas trip as president and one of the most closely watched presidential trips in recent memory.

April 1 - April 2:


Over two days, President Obama attended the G20 Economic Summit and met with several world leaders, including British Prime Minister Brown, Russian President Medvedev, Chinese President Hu Jintao and Queen Elizabeth II.

April 3 - April 4:

Strasbourg, France, Baden-Baden and Kehl, Germany

Mr. Obama has moved on to the next leg of his trip for a NATO Summit in Strasbourg, France and in the nearby German cities of Kehl and Baden-Baden. Afghanistan was the key topic of discussion at the summit which also celebrated 60 years of the NATO alliance.

April 4-5:

Prague, Czech Republic

Mr. Obama was in Prague, Czech Republic, on Saturday night and Sunday where he attended a meeting with European Union nations. He also delivered a speech on nuclear nonproliferation.

» Security Tight In Prague

April 5-6:

Ankara, Turkey

President Obama traveled to Ankara, the capitol of Turkey for meetings with the country's leaders. He also gave a speech on U.S-Turkey relations and the U.S.'s relationship with the greater Muslim world.

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Photos: Obama Travels To Turkey

April 6-7:

Instanbul, Turkey

Mr. Obama continued his visit to Turkey with a visit to Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. He toured the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque and did a town hall with students.

» Obama Closes Trip On An Optimistic Note

» Syria Praises Obama's Mideast Approach

April 7:

Surprise Visit To Iraq

President Obama was scheduled to head back to Washington, but instead he made a unannounced stop in Iraq to meet with troops and talk with the country's leaders.

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Photos: Obama's Baghdad Stopover

April 7:

Return To Washington

By the time he returned to Washington after an eight day trip, President Obama visited six nations and logged almost 13,000 miles.

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