Obama will skip APEC summit in Russia

President Barack Obama, left, seen with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at Novo Ogaryovo, Tuesday, July 7, 2009, in Moscow. Mr. Obama met with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for the first time Tuesday, called their talks "an excellent opportunity to put U.S.-Russian relations on a strong footing."
AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari

(AP) ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE -- The White House is confirming that President Obama will not attend a major summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in Russia.

White House spokesman Jay Carney made official Monday what had been assumed for months because the APEC meeting coincides with the Democratic National Convention in September.

Both the United States and Russia deny there is any tit-for-tat involved, since word last week that new Russian President Vladimir Putin would skip an economic meeting that Obama is hosting at the Camp David retreat this weekend.

The U.S. insists it does not feel snubbed.

But there has been speculation in Russia that Putin did not want to appear conciliatory by accepting Obama's invitation now because it was assumed Obama would skip the meeting Putin will host later in the year.