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Obama To Meet With Economic Advisers Friday

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(ESPANOLA, N.M.) - Barack Obama will convene a group of his top economic advisers in southern Florida tomorrow to discuss a new set of economic policies intended to fix the fledging economy. At an outdoor rally today, Obama said he has been consulting with former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker, among others, and he offered some specifics to his plan.

"I am calling on the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to use their emergency authorities to maintain the flow of credit, to support the availability of mortgages, and to ensure that our financial system is well-capitalized," Obama said adding that he will also call for the creation of a Homeowner and Financial Support Act.

Obama continued to blast John McCain on the economy, accusing him of disingenuously offering populist positions.

"John McCain can't decide whether he's Barry Goldwater or Dennis Kucinich," Obama said, "He's not clear about what he thinks or what he believes."

Obama also accused McCain of changing positions on the AIG bailout, but he did not offer more details on his own position. While suggesting that McCain wrongly accused him of not supporting the bailout, Obama vaguely said there is "no evidence whatsoever that that's what I had said."

The one point where Obama and McCain may see eye to eye is on the firing of SEC Commissioner Christopher Cox. Obama said McCain's suggestion is "fine and good" but he took is a step further.

"Don't just get rid of one guy, get rid of this administration, get rid of this philosophy, get rid of the do nothing approach and put somebody in there who is going to fight for you," he said.

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