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Obama To Announce Running Mate on Saturday

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(RALEIGH, N.C.) - Barack Obama heads to Springfield, Illinois on Saturday, where he is expected to announce his running mate. The two will appear at a rally at the Old State Capitol, kicking off a pre-convention tour.

On Friday evening, the campaign plans to send out a mass text message and e-mail to supporters announcing the Vice Presidential nominee. Two weeks ago, campaign manager David Plouffe e-mailed supporters asking them to sign up for the V.P. announcement. The campaign had hoped that the V.P. pick would not be leaked to the press before the announcement actually occurs.

However, authorities at the Illinois state capitol told Chicago reporters that they were preparing for an Obama visit, prompting the campaign to confirm that the presumptive Democratic nominee will be there on Saturday.

In the days leading up to his convention speech, Obama will be traveling to several battleground states, presumably with his running mate.