Obama Tells N.Y. Times Reporter: "You're Levitating!"

President Barack Obama laughs as New York Times reporter Sheryl Stolberg tests a hovercraft during a tour of the facilities of Industrial Support inc. in Buffalo, N.Y., Thursday, May 13, 2010. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Susan Walsh

BUFFALO - President Obama was beaming today during his tour of Industrial Support Inc, a Buffalo company, because he actually had fun on the tour of the company's manufacturing plant.

The company, 70-people strong, is a general manufacturing plant, making custom salad bars for grocery stores, medical and dental assemblies, automotive and aeronautic parts and other various products.

On the tour, the president saw various manufacturing areas, but had the most fun with some of the products the company makes for Science Kits.

At one point, the president saw what amounted to a hovercraft, a board that levitates on bed of compressed air. He put New York Times reporter Sheryl Stolberg on the board (she is quite small) and as the device was fired up, Stolberg appeared to levitate an inch or so off the ground and traveled in circles near his feet.

The president was overjoyed with this. "you're levitating!" he exclaimed.

He then went to a station where plastic soda bottles are "shot" across the room using compressed air. The bottle-rocket device is used in high school science classes for students to figure out the distance a bottle will travel.

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