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Obama Teleprompter Jokes a CPAC Favorite

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
CPAC Convention, Washington -- At this year's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, the featured speakers have found a few surefire ways to rally the audience. Mentioning Dick Cheney, for instance, is always a crowd pleaser. The other dependable way to garner cheers is with a joke about President Obama's use of a teleprompter.

In his highly anticipated speech today, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty bemoaned that last year it seemed, "The new era of hope and change was sweeping aside our values and principles." Then came the punchline: It was a new era of "hope and change, and teleprompters."

Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio, who is running as a Washington outsider, said Thursday that the snowstorms that recently hit Washington were a good thing because, "The president couldn't find anywhere to set up a teleprompter to announce new taxes."

Sen. Jim DeMint, who spoke after Rubio, said, "You can't govern from a teleprompter."

All of these remarks, however, were delivered with two teleprompters sitting in front of the podium.

Other speakers who made took teleprompter jabs at the president include David Keene, chair of the American Conservative Union, the actor Stephen Baldwin, blogger Erick Erickson and conservative columnist and talk radio host Herman Cain.

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