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Obama Targets Hispanic Voters

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) - Barack Obama will take his message on the economy to Hispanic voters today, a demographic that he views as being critical to the election.

At a rally in Las Vegas last night, he called on the Latinos in the crowd to register to vote, explaining that his success in some key battleground states could depend on them.

"You could make a difference in this election if you turn out to vote equal to your numbers," Obama said, "Some of the closest contests are going to be determined, not just here but in New Mexico and Colorado.

He added, "We've got to flex our muscles."

Since the Democratic primary wrapped up, Obama has made a concerted effort to court Hispanic voters who had initially sided with Hillary Clinton. Despite losing to Clinton in key Latino states, such as Nevada and New Mexico, Obama thinks that he can win over those voters now. The event today will take place in Espanola, a town that is 84% Hispanic and has a predominantly agricultural economy.

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