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Obama Targets Battleground States


From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

SOUTHFIELD, MICH. -- Barack Obama is moving on from his double digit loss in West Virginia by trying to reach out to voters in general election battleground states. He is campaigning in Michigan today for the first time since attending an NAACP dinner in Detroit last July.

Obama is hosting a small town hall meeting in Macomb County this morning, a key swing district in the eastern portion of the state. Just as he did yesterday in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, his first target in battleground states are bellwether counties that would not necessarily be a stronghold for him. The Obama campaign argues that John McCain has gone unchallenged in key general election states such as Michigan. "This is a state where we have not had the luxury to campaign in like John McCain has," campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. "Voters should get to know Barack Obama."

Even though Obama is looking forward to the general election, the issue of seating the Michigan delegation at the Democratic Convention in Denver has yet to be resolved. Last week, state Democratic leaders proposed a plan to give Hillary Clinton 69 delegates and Obama 59. Obama said the proposal was a legitimate solution to the problem, but the Clinton campaign rejected it last week.

"My bottom line is I want to get the Michigan delegation seated," Obama said, "I want to get the Florida delegation seated and I want them to be participating in the convention. I want to win those seats in November."