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Obama surprises diner, orders chili dogs


(CBS News) President Obama surprised customers and employees at the historic Varsity Diner in Atlanta on Tuesday, treating his staff to a lunch that healthy eating promoter Michelle Obama may not approve of.

The president's order included five chili dogs, four hot dogs, one cheeseburger and five "Varsity orange" drinks for his spokesman Jay Carney, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and others, according to White House pool reports. Mr. Obama paid with cash.

Mr. Obama took a group photo with Varsity cashiers and cooks, who were overly eager to take his order and ask for autographs.

While greeting customers, Mr. Obama met Air Force ROTC cadet Michael Evans and his parents. According to pool reports, Evans stopped in the Varsity right after returning from Maxwell Air Force Base where he just graduated from field training.


The Commander-in-Chief told Evans he was proud of and appreciated him. "I knew he was going to be here, that's why I wanted to come by," Mr. Obama said to his parents.

He also greeted children from Lenora Academy in Snellville, Georgia, including one who asked where Sasha and Malia were and one who asked, "Do you live in the White House?"

Obama took his lunch break while on the way to a fundraiser in Atlanta.

By the way, it isn't the first time the president splurged on less-than-healthy food this week; he also treated his staff to ice cream at a Dairy Queen in New Hampshire on Monday, enjoying a hot fudge sundae himself.

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