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Obama Seems Sure That Clinton Will Win W.V.

From CBS News' Michelle Levi:

CHARLESTON, W.V. -- Barack Obama told a crowd today that he's sure he won't win tomorrow's primary here saying regardless of the outcome, it'll be the Democrats' "commitment" to veterans that will "unify" the party.

"There is an election here tomorrow. I'm extraordinarily honored that some of you will support me, and I understand that many more here in West Virginia will probably support Senator Clinton," Obama said to a chorus of jeers.

"But when it's over, what will unify as Democrats – what must unify us as Americans – is an unyielding commitment to the men and women who've served this nation and an unshakable fidelity to the ideals for which they've risked their lives."

In his continued focus on the general election, Obama questioned John McCain's commitment to veterans, criticizing McCain's opposition to the "21st Century GI Bill," which would give veterans additional financial support to attend college.

"I have great respect for John McCain's service to this country. I know he loves it dearly and honors those who serve," Obama said. "But John McCain is one of the few Senators of either party who oppose this bill because he thinks it's too generous. He thinks its too generous. I could not disagree with him more."

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds responded to Obama's comments saying, "It is absurd for Barack Obama to question John McCain's commitment to America's veterans, when Obama himself voted against funding our nation's veterans, and troops in the field during a time of war. Voters need a leader with uncompromising judgment, and will reject Barack Obama's decision to vote against funding our troops in the field, after he said it would be irresponsible to do so."