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Obama Says If He Wins Florida, He Wins the White House

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(MIAMI) - Barack Obama will be campaigning in Florida for the second day in a row today, making up for lost time during the Democratic primary, when the Democrats agreed not to campaign here after the state moved it's primary to January, in violation of party rules.

At a fundraiser here last night, Obama's pitch to donors included a prediction – if he wins Florida, he will win the election.

"I'll tell you, we can win this thing without Florida, but boy, it's a lot easier if we win Florida," Obama said, adding, "If we win Florida, it is almost impossible for John McCain to win."

While speaking at the home of supporters, Irene and Chris Korge, Obama also had sharp criticism for both George Bush and John McCain's response to this week's financial crisis. Obama accused Bush of being absent, saying that there has been a "vacuum" of leadership from the White House. "Here we have the greatest crisis probably since 9/11 and our president was absent."

He went on to link McCain to the Bush Administration, charging him with having to borrow ideas from Bush and Karl Rove because he doesn't have his own.

This morning, Obama will deliver the weekly Democratic radio address, where he will focus on the economy. He heads to Daytona Beach for a women's rally and will wrap up the day in Jacksonville.

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