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Obama Says He Will Figure Out a Way to Seat Florida and Michigan Delegates

From CBS News' Michelle Levi:

BEND, ORE. – Showing that the delegates in Florida and Michigan are on the mind of voters as well as Democratic presidential candidates, a woman at Barack Obama's town hall meeting here asked Obama about ceding a state to Hillary Clinton. "Recognizing that it probably will not change the outcome of the race," she asked, "have you considered giving her Florida?"

A surprised Obama laughed a little at the question. "Let me say this," he said. "I love Florida, I love Michigan the people of Michigan and Florida, they will be represented at the convention, their delegates will be seated, and we will figure out a way where they are fully participating in the process."

Obama defended his opposition to some plans that wanted to offer re-voting to voters in those states. "At the beginning of this race, we were not supposed to campaign in Florida and Michigan, so we didn't campaign in Florida and Michigan," he said. "We played by the rules that everybody agreed to. We took our name off the ballot in Michigan because we weren't supposed to be campaigning there. So obviously we don't think that that was a fair contest and that it should count in the same way the other contests have counted."

He reassured the town hall attendees that the contentious delegate situation will be resolved, and that he planned on campaigning there during the general election. "I am confident that we will get this resolved and I have every interest because I intend to be the Democratic nominee, I have every interest in making sure that Florida and Michigan are happy," he said. "This is something that will get done."