Obama Readies for Wyoming

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

CHICAGO -- The show continues on for Barack Obama, as he heads to Wyoming today to make a last minute pitch to voters who will be caucusing on Saturday. Obama believes that by winning Wyoming and Mississippi on Tuesday, he will make up the number of delegates that Hillary Clinton picked up earlier this week.

"We feel that there's a strong possibility that we gain substantially more delegates out of Wyoming and Mississippi than Senator Clinton gained," Obama told reporters on Wednesday.

"So we will continue to build our delegate lead, we will continue to campaign in every state, we will not be cherry picking which states we deem important, because our attitude is every state is important."

They campaign is confident about the contests going forward, particularly because of their February fundraising totals. Yesterday they announced that they raised $55 million in February alone, $54 million of which can be used during the primaries. For its part, the Clinton campaign raised $35 million in February and has raised $6 million so far this month.

The Obama campaign has been building strong grassroots operation in Wyoming, opening five offices across the state and conducting caucus training sessions for voters. The campaign has been running television and radio ads in Wyoming and Mississippi for almost a week now.