Obama, Palin to "Star" in Archie Comics

An image from Archie Comics' upcoming politically-themed issues
Archie Comic Publications, Incorported

In perhaps one of the more amicable interactions they'll have anytime in the near future, President Obama and former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin will "star" in two upcoming issues of the famed Archie comic books, according to Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

In what the company is touting a "two-part political epic," caricatures of Mr. Obama and Palin will take sides in (and, if the cover is any indication, make amends during) a heated student government campaign between Archie, the series' loveable carrot-topped protagonist, and his fictional pal Reggie Mantle.

The comic book, which has been around since 1942, is famously wholesome and old-fashioned - but the series appears to be attempting to move toward slightly more modern conversations: Last September, the series welcomed its first gay character, Kevin Keller, to the fictional town of Riverdale.

The installations featuring Mr. Obama and Palin, Archie issue numbers 616 and 617, will hit stores in December 2010 and January 2011, respectively.