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Obama, Palin Makes Cameos in "NBA Jam"

NBA Jam EA Sports

President Obama - fresh off his appearance in Madden NFL '11 - is making a virtual cameo in another video game: EA Sports' latest version of "NBA Jam."

As reports, gamers can also play as Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, among other politicians, if they can figure out how to unlock the characters. Democrats and Republicans each play on their own teams.

Trey Smith, Creative Director of "NBA Jam," told ESPN he didn't know if EA Sports got permission to use likenesses of the politicians. He added that Palin is "hilarious" in the game.

"She has a beehive haircut and a helicopter dunk that is just awesome," he said. "She also makes some pretty funny faces in the photos. It's just good clean fun."

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