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Obama on Palin: Not Worried About "Today's News"

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(DAYTON, OHIO) - Barack Obama believes that the attention and excitement over Sarah Palin will be short-lived, telling reporters today that he is not worried by her sudden popularity or his slump in the polls.

"This has been a good story to write about and there's always something new and my general approach throughout this process is not to worry about today's news or yesterday's polls," he said today.

Obama did not deny that Palin has generated a significant amount of enthusiasm within the Republican Party, but added that she has mostly appealed to the conservative base.

"There is no doubt that the Republicans are excited, particularly the right wing of the party is excited by Governor Palin's choice," Obama said.

He also dismissed the idea that some conservative voters, particularly women, are flocking to Palin because of gender saying, "I think that has less to go with gender than it has to do with her ideological predispositions."

Overall, Obama predicted that the presidential race will be close in most battleground states but said that he is confident that the Obama-Biden ticket are better equipped to bring change.

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