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Obama on His Daughters: They Make Me Laugh

In addition to being commander in chief, President Obama is also a husband and father.

And he tells CBS News that his short commute to spending time with his family is his job's prize perk.

When asked by "Early Show" anchor Harry Smith what is the one thing he looks forward to when he leaves the Oval Office each night, Mr. Obama said, "Well, that's easy: The best aspect of my job is that every night I take a two-minute walk and I'm there to see Malia and Sasha and Michelle.

"We all sit down together for dinner, and they are good, a constant source of joy."

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Of Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9, Mr. Obama said, "They are turning into wonderful young ladies. And I give Michelle all the credit for this.

"They don't have an attitude. They're respectful, they are funny, they are just really great kids."

"What makes you laugh?" Smith asked.

"Well, they do - they're just funny," he replied.

"Now, I'll tell you, Michelle's also funny. Michelle's got a good sense of humor. She has to keep the clamps on it sometimes, because it's pretty irreverent."

Smith interviewed Mr. Obama Friday in Detroit.

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