Obama on Clinton VP Speculation

From CBS News' Michelle Levi:

BEAVERTON, ORE. – Barack Obama spoke out about a possible Obama/Hillary Clinton ticket today, saying "she would be on anyone's short list of vice presidential candidates."

A member of the audience in the town hall here asked him his thoughts about having Clinton as his running mate. "Were you put up by one of those reporters back there?" Obama joked. He then launched into his usual disclaimer, saying he would not speculate on his running mate until he is the nominee. "She is going to do very well in West Virginia and Kentucky," he said. "She will win those states in all likelihood by significant margins."

Obama changed his tone a little during the second part of his answer, praising Clinton and offering fodder for those speculating on the "dream ticket." "I will say that she has shown herself to be an extraordinary candidate and an extraordinary public servant," Obama said. "She is hard working, she is tough, she is very smart and so I think she would be on anyone's list."