Obama not giving "too much thought" to GOP rivals

CNN's Wolf Blitzer (left) and President Obama.

President Obama has been the target of constant criticism in recent months from Republicans seeking their party's presidential nomination - but he maintains that when it comes to his feelings on the GOP field, "I haven't been giving it too much thought."

Mr. Obama, in a Tuesday interview with CNN, said he would wait until the Republican party had rallied around a candidate before expending much mental energy on the matter.

"I'll let them winnow it down a little bit," he said, of Republicans. "When they decide who they want their standard bearer to be then I'll be ready for them."

Mr. Obama also dismissed criticism lobbed at him on Monday by Texas Governor Rick Perry, who announced his candidacy last weekend, noting that "he's only been at it for a few days now."

"Mr. Perry just got in the presidential race," Mr. Obama said, when asked about comments Perry made suggesting that the president wasn't fit to lead the nation's military because he had never served in it. "I think that everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn't like running for governor or running for Senate or running for Congress - and you've got to be a little more careful about what you say."

"I'll cut him some slack," Mr. Obama continued. "He's only been at it for a few days now."

When asked whether or not he agreed with former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney's recent comment that "corporations are people," Mr. Obama noted that "corporations serve an important benefit, but ultimately we've got to look at what's good for ordinary people."

The president also touched on what "gift" he might get his daughters, Sasha and Malia, if he wins re-election.

"When I'm re-elected what I'll be getting them is a continuation of Secret Service, so that when boys want to start dating them, they are going to be surrounded by men with guns," he laughed. "That's their gift."