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Obama, McCain Launch Dueling Negative Ads

The Obama campaign has released a new television ad, "Three Times," that criticizes John McCain for planning to give tax breaks to "big corporations," oil companies, and "companies shipping jobs overseas."

The spot will air in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Virginia starting today. As the New York Times reports this morning, Obama has been running ads critical of his rival in battleground states while running positive ads nationally in hopes of maintaining the aura of a positive campaign.

"Can we really afford more of the same?," an announcer asks as the spot opens with ominous music playing in the background. "John McCain's tax plan: For big corporations – two-hundred-billion in new tax breaks. Oil companies – four billion. Companies shipping jobs overseas – keep their tax giveaways. While one-hundred-million Americans get no tax relief at all."

The spot then switches gears to focus on the presumptive Democratic nominee.

"For the change we need: Barack Obama," the announcer says, as the background music takes a more hopeful turn. "A plan that cuts taxes for middle class families three-times as much as John McCain would. Barack Obama: President."

The McCain campaign, meanwhile, has released a radio ad called "Millions" set to air in "key states." The spot criticizes Obama for planning "massive spending" if elected.

"Celebrities like to spend their millions. Barack Obama is no different," an announcer says as the spot opens, picking up on the celebrity theme the McCain campaign has been pushing hard. "Only it's your money he wants to spend. Obama's got plans - big plans - for your money. Eight hundred sixty three billion in new government programs - a 23 percent increase in the size of government. Massive spending that will lead to even higher budget deficits. Piling more debt on the backs of your children and grandchildren."

Listen to the whole thing here.