Obama loves when Sasha, Malia do well on court

Clark Kellogg and his game of POTUSball with ... 01:44

President Obama beams like any proud parent when he talks about daughters Sasha and Malia doing well when he watches them play basketball.

In an interview aired during halftime of Kentucky's triumph over Kansas in the final of the NCAA basketball tournament, CBS Sport commentator Clark Kellogg asked the president - a huge basketball fan - about Sasha and Malia on the court.

"Watching them play," Mr. Obama replied, "I just want them to do so well. And when something goes right, it is more joy than I ever got playing myself."

On "CBS This Morning" Tuesday, Kellogg told co-hosts Charlie Rose and Erica Hill he can relate - he and his family have watched his youngest son, Nick, play hoops for Ohio University.

Kellogg also recalled that he lost to the president in a game of "Potus" (as in President Of The United States) two years ago.

He says he was "in full control" until talking "my foot off the gas pedal, and he came and got me at the wire and he would not offer me an opportunity to redeem myself" in the new interview. But, Kellogg says, perhaps he'll get that rematch if the president wins reelection.