Obama looks to boost support for health care law

(CBS News) President Obama will make remarks on Thursday detailing aspects of his signature health-care law that the White House says is already lowering costs for Americans around the country.

Special Section: Health Care in America
Obama in staunch defense of health care law

It's an example of the president playing offense on health care in the crucial months leading up to implementation of the controversial bill, and it comes as congressional Republicans continue to try to render the bill ineffective.

Experts say this speech is all about selling a piece of the health care act that's already working.

Eight and a half million people received rebates averaging $100 on their health-care premiums last year because the law says insurance companies have to spend 80 percent of premium dollars on medical care or give the money back.

Mr. Obama will also talk up the New York state announcement that when its insurance marketplace opens coverage will be up to 50 percent cheaper for some people.

N.Y.: Individual health insurance 50% cheaper under Obamacare

However, his appearance comes at a perilous political time for the overall well-being of the health care law. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted yet again to repeal parts of the health care act.

House votes to delay parts of health care law

White House officials say that the timing is coincidental and that the president will be talking about the benefits of the new law every few weeks.

CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante said on "CBS This Morning" that, privately, White House officials do admit that the next six months leading are going to be pretty bumpy.

He said that those officials are hearing it even from political allies. One senior official told him that "we know our friends say we have problems, so we use the president to talk up the positive."

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