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Obama: "I Voted!"

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(CHICAGO) - Barack and Michelle Obama voted this morning just shortly after 730am central time. The Obamas, accompanied by daughters, Sasha and Malia, did not wait in the long line outside of the Beulah Shoesmith polling station in Hyde Park.

Upon arriving, the Democratic nominee walked over to a table, where he and Michelle signed in. They then walked over the voting station, where they spent about twenty minutes filling out the ballots. Obama appeared relaxed, often smiling and joking with daughter, Malia.

After casting his ballot, Obama looked over to the press and said, "I voted." Cheers erupted in the polling station.

Obama briefly shook hands with a few voters before departing the polling station.

On the airport tarmac, Obama told reporters that voting with his daughters was a "big deal."

Interestingly, shortly before Obama arrived at the school, William Ayers (the founder of the Weather Underground that John McCain and the Republicans referred to as Obama's "terrorist" friend) voted at the same polling place. Ayers and Obama missed each other by less than a few minutes.

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