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Obama Heckled by Gay Rights Protesters (Video)


Last night, during a fundraiser in Los Angeles for Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, President Obama was heckled by gay rights protesters who are unhappy that the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has yet to been repealed despite administration promises to do so.

"What about don't ask, don't tell?" one protester shouted shortly after Mr. Obama began his remarks, according to the pool report.

Mr. Obama replied, "We are going to do that." But there was several more interruptions through the speech. The protesters were from GetEQUAL, the group that was behind a protest at the White House last month where activists Lt. Dan Choi and former Army infantryman Jim Pietrangelo were arrested after handcuffing themselves to a gate.

After one protester yelled "it's time for equality for all Americans," Mr. Obama responded by saying, "can I just say again Barbara and I are supportive of repealing Don't Ask, Dont Tell."

At one point, the rest of the crowd tried to drown out the protesters by shouting "Yes We Can" -- Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign slogan.

One of the protestors, Dan Fotou, talked to the blog "LGBT POV" about the experience.

"It was worth it to us," he said of buying $500 tickets to the event.

The military is currently engaged in a nearly year-long review of the impact of repealing the 1993 policy, which bars gays and lesbians from serving openly.

You can watch some of the video below:

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