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Obama Effigy Hung in Georgia Town

The Secret Service is investigating after an effigy of President Obama was found hanging in the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter.

It was a disturbing reminder of another era, reports Tara Mergener of CBS News affiliate WALB-TV; a large black doll hanging by a noose from a building on main street.

It appeared right in front of a red white and blue sign that says, "Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter our 39th president. According to a witness, the effigy had President Obama's name on it.

Local residents worry this incident will give their town a bad name. But at least one prominent African American scholar says he's far from surprised.

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"I think there's this notion that we're in a post-racial period in America because of the election of the first African American president," said Dr. Anthony Samad, an associate professor of African American studies. "However, this president has received more death threats than any other president in the history of America."

The effigy was removed quickly but the image may remain in people's minds for some time.

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